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UpToDate 21.2 for Android, PC and all devices run HTML5
Applications > Android
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UpToDate 21.2
2013-10-12 12:59:31 GMT

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UpToDate is the premier evidence-based clinical decision support resource authored by physicians to help healthcare practitioners make the best decisions at the point of care. By combining the latest clinical knowledge with cutting-edge technology, UpToDate changes the way clinicians practice medicine and has become an indispensable part of clinical workflows in institutions and practices worldwide.
For android user: read readme.txt file
For the other: use Internet Browser to open file uptodate.html		


thanks a lot
thanks foraye
By sharing this your are saving lives
Thank you!!
Thanks! Anyway to run this on iOS devices?
For run this in iOS, download GoodReader and copy with itunes to goodreader and open.

Link css file fix contents not displaced:
(Replace file: UpToDate/css/mobiuptodate.css)

thanks foraye again
u r god
some links are misdirected and some are dead like search rheumatoid arthritis,but otherwise tremendous
thanks a lot
Is there anyway to fix the search engine?
i cant say you how much you help me thank you, you are my hero
i you want it onlye Uptodate 21.3 is on this page
Thank you for this , good work !:)
Did anyone successfully installed the apk?

I installed the apk file but when I run the program, it doesn't open the data
Sorry , I just moved the uptodate folder to "/mnt/sdcard" , then it worked fine
Thank you for your answer . I have the uptodate folder in mnt/sdcard but I get the ' the webpage at file:///mnt/sdcard/Uptodate/UptoDate.html might be temporary down .." error . I'm using a Note 3 running android 4.4.2 KitKat .
Any ideas?
I registered just for this. THANK YOU. works exceptionally well. i'm going to learn a lot from this upload, and use it during my clinical rotations. the only reason i found out about uptodate was because i was following a group of residents at the hospital i was doing clinical rotations in. i saw they used the uptodate website and i wrote it down. this shit is awesome. thanks again.
I am using samsung tab2. I have extracted uptodate folder in my sd card. How should i move it to mnt/sdcard

Thanks in advance
Thank you so much for this!
can you tell us how u copied from the site? our school have trial subscription to uptodate, i am thinking i could download the latest and contribute here.. thanks
I extracted the files and copied the folder UpToDate to /mnt/sdcard (which happens to be the main directory on the internal storage) but it gave me an error:
"Webpage not available ... temporarily down or may have moved permanently to a new web address."
Im using Nexus 7 2013. It has no external storage.
Please help.
I'm having the same issue as saji_b. No matter what I do, I can't get the app to work on my Nexus 7 (2013). I got it to work on my Note 2, and my girlfriend's Galaxy Nexus, but if I follow the exact same instructions I can't get it to work on my Nexus 7. If anyone finds a fix for this, can you please post how you did it? It would be much appreciated.

For those that they have done everything right but still uptodate doesn't work try this:

-Open chrome
-in the address bar type (without the ") "file:///storage/emulated/0/UpToDate/UpToDate.html"
-bookmark that page and you are done.Next time you will use uptodate through chrome browser.

If that doesn't work try the above address but instead of UpToDate.html use uptodate.html

Just install a HTML viewer. It works for me. And thanks for the help bro.
Thanks nethwka, that worked for me!
anyone have any advice on how to read on ios? google reader doesn't exist anymore and I didn't really understand w00tzx8 instructions. Thanks for the help.
for ios
install html reader ( )
zip uptodate21.2 folder(after unrar)
send zip via itunes to html reader, then unzip
run uptodate.html
dear foraye
is there any chance you will upload ver 22 of uptodate ?
dear uploader,
pls update.. thank you so much...
Dear foraye
pls update this torrent.. thanks
The app utd.apk didn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Android 4.4.2. The same error reported by other users was produced: "file:///mnt/sdcard/Uptodate/UptoDate.html might be temporary down"

However, you don't need to install that utd.apk at all. You can simply put the link "file:///mnt/sdcard/Uptodate/UptoDate.html" (without quotes "") (if you put UpToDate folder to that directory) into smartphone's web browser's (such as Chrome or stock Android browser) address bar and simply bookmark it for future use.

On Android, you can also navigate to the UpToDate folder using File Manager, such as ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager, Total Commander etc. and open uptodate.html file. On Android 4.4.2, Chrome and stock Android web browser aren't in the list of programs that are suggested to be used when you try to open .html file. Firefox and Dolphin is in this list. However, there is an app called Open in browser, which adds functionality to open .html files in all browsers you have installed, such as Chrome and Android stock web browser.

Thank you for this great release!